6 Don’ts when working out at the gym

We have all been to the gym, even if we are not exercise and fitness fanatics. Going to the gym requires discipline on your behalf and a lot of effort, too!

working out at gym

It is not just discipline that you need, but there are certain rules to follow as well.

From inappropriate clothing to foul-smelling body odor to talking loudly on the phone, these are all annoying habits and can make you walk away from your gym, for good.

So before you head off to the gym for a sweat-dripping session, let us give you some basic rules to follow so that not only you but your gym-mates can also work out in peace!

Don’t Hold on to the Exercise Equipment

There is nothing worse than watching someone on the treadmill, not exercising but chatting away on the phone while you wait for your turn. These are not only against gym etiquettes but downright rude, too.

When you are in a gym and are alone, then surely you can take your time, but when you see that someone is waiting for their turn on the exercise equipment, finish your workout as quickly as possible without delays. Keep in mind that this does not include breaks for catching your breath or taking a sip of water.

However, if you are on a machine and put your workout on hold just to chitchat with someone, in person or on the phone, then it is better to just step off and let the other person use the equipment.

Don’t Ignore Time Limits

One of the most common reason why people go to a gym is because of the cardio equipment they offer. However, most of the gyms have a time limit of 30- 40 minutes on any cardio equipment, during peak hours. This ensures that all gym members get to use the machine they want.

So if you see a notice with a time-limit in your gym, stick to it and don’t ignore it.

An additional benefit is that this way you can get to use all the different cardio equipment that your gym has to offer, providing you with a break in cardio-monotony! You can make the most of your cardio workouts by using Crazybulkguide Legal Steroids that not only increases your stamina but also improves your endurance!

Don’t be a Chatter-box

As much as you would like to talk to your gym buddy in the gym, it is certainly not very polite to do so in the gym. Some people come to the gym to exercise in a quiet and relaxing environment.

Interrupting their peace with your chit-chat is extremely rude. If it is that important, step out of the gym and carry on your conversation. The same rule applies to using your cell-phone within the gym.

If it is an important phone call, step out and if it isn’t, just ignore it till you finish your workout. Annoying someone with your loud voice is not going to go down well with anyone.

Don’t Meddle with the Equipment

exercise at gym

If you are in the gym for the first time, there is no shame in asking for help. Nobody is going to judge you for not knowing how to use an equipment. Always ask for help from the gym instructors or personal trainers.

If you don’t ask for help, chances are that you might end up damaging the equipment or in extreme cases, injure yourself.

Even if you have been a regular gym-goer and see a new equipment, always ask for help to use it properly.

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Don’t Forget your Towel and Water Bottle

There is nothing more disgusting than leaving a trail of sweat behind you as you step off the machine and leave the gym. Well, there is something worse than that! Hopping on to the treadmill and finding sweat all over it!

There is a reason why towels are provided at the welcome counter in most of the gyms: to wipe your sweat as you exercise! Even if your gym does not provide a towel, make sure to carry your own towel in your gym bag!

Most gyms provide a water bottle, but if they do not, carry your own water bottle. You wouldn’t want to get dehydrated, while working out. Depending on the intensity of your workout, you can even take juice bottles with you!

Don’t Forget to Use the Sanitizer

Gyms are generally equipped with anti-bacterial hand sanitizers and a separate sanitizer and paper-towels for the exercise equipment. When you are done using the machine, make sure you clean it properly with a sanitizer and paper-towel.

After you have finished off cleaning the machine, make sure you sanitize your hands. You may not know it but gyms are the breeding grounds for many germs, no matter how clean they are!

Going to the Gym Comes with Its Own Set of Ground Rules and it is your Responsibility to Follow these Rules!