What You Can Eat and What You Can’t

An important question that arises during weight loss is what food should be eaten and what foods should be avoided. Careful choice of food is important as if you will not change the food intake pattern your health and weight loss goal would get affected. There are different types of foods. Some foods can facilitate your weight loss by giving you a balanced and healthy diet style while others can damage and on the contrary can increase your weight. In this article we will tell you about what good food items that you can eat for healthy weight loss and what are the bad or prohibited food articles that you can’t eat if you want a healthy weight loss. Moreover the advantages of Phen375 along with healthy diet patterns would be discussed.

Say No to White Monster

No white bread loaf should be part of your breakfast or lunch table. White breads are made by processed flour from which all healthy nutrients have been extracted and just to retain the pure white color ,sugar is added. White bread is high in calories and also because of being a light ,thin slice you eat it more than one which means you are eating two to three bagels at once.

Whole Grain Bread—-It’s a Yes

Use multi grain or whole grain bread. Multi grain bread would have gram flour, different pulses, oats in which would give you nutrients rich bread and would also fill your tummy in a much better way. Eat whole grain bread which means it is not processed flour. It will provide your body with natural nutrients to keep you healthy without adding extra pounds to your body and money in the longer run.

Brown Sugars

Start adding brown sugars in your desserts, coffee, yogurt or other favorites if you have sweet tooth. Brown sugar is preservative free; less processed than any artificial sweetener and reduces risk of Diabetes and other diseases of endocrine system. Another source of keeping the endocrine system, health by and diet good is use of Phen375. You can satisfy your sweet tooth and could also keep your weight in check.

Stay Away from White Poison

Enough is said here. White poison is processed white sugar that should never become part of your grocery shopping. Chemicals added to make it that white and shiny are the bleaching agents that are cancerous. Use brown sugar instead of white sugar and other artificial sweeteners as they are purely made from processed chemicals.

No Red Meat!

Red meat like bacon, beef, and pork should not stay in your kitchen and healthy life style. If you want to eat red meat eat only once a month and just in appropriate proportions. Red meat contains saturated fats which increase cholesterol, Uric acid in turn increasing risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Use white meat such as chicken and fish meat . They are low fat, no cholesterol. They taste amazing. You could add these to many of your salads, curry recipes, steaks. Another good thing is that they have less preparation time as compared to red meat. If sometimes when outside for a dinner with friend you had eaten red beef be sure that Phen375 is there for rescue as it won’t let extra fat stay in your system.

Stick to the Greens

Eat your salads daily not as a side order but as the main course. Prepare your salads at home. In this techno era cutting potatoes, cabbage, grating goat cheese should not take long. Add more greens and leafs to your meals. Use broccoli, cabbage, sea lettuce, spinach, coriander, and mint to your plate. You can eat them raw with the citrus dressing, a pinch of black pepper and salt sprinkle. Or some days you can make their smoothie. Sauté or bake your vegetables for the dinner.

Eat Dry Fruits/ Fruits

When on a healthy diet often there comes a time when you feel urged to eat something sweet, heavy because initially you feel that your body is starving because of old dietary patterns. Instead of satisfying your cravings with a chocolate bar or big donut which is a total No, no during diet time eat a handful of dry fruits. Dry fruits such as raisins, walnut, hazelnuts, and peanuts serve as a source of good fat and would also not divert your healthy life style track. During snack time instead of keeping a big bag of chips or biscuits in your bag keep a packet of mixed dry fruits. It will satisfy your cravings, hunger without adding fat and cholesterol to your blood.

In last keep yourself from sugary, processed cereals for breakfast and add Phen375 for maintaining the healthy food item list and staying away from the junk food.