Few Keys to Healthy Weight Loss

Weight loss is the total reduction of body mass which occurs due to loss of fluids, adipose tissue or body fat, bone mineral deposits, tendon and connective tissues. Weight loss could be rapid or gradual depending upon the strategies you use for it. By healthy weight loss it is meant that the weight loss strategies you use or opt would not have any side effects on your body and would not cause you in any harm in the longer run. Here we are going to tell you few tips that can lead to healthy weight loss and how PhenQ can assist you in this weight loss journey

Key 1 Burn the Extra

If you burn 500 additional calories than that you eat every day for at least a week, you should lose about 1-2 pounds so the key is to burn more than you eat. The key is to lose that extra cheese cake induced pound from your body. This means that whenever you eat something with high calories like mac n cheese, cheese cake, donuts run few extra miles. Hit your exercise machine for at least 30 more minutes than the usual routine. Try running an extra mile that day. Walk to your home instead of taking a lift from the friend. Your garage is in need of a visit for cleaning. The purpose is to do something intense apart from the regular exercise routine so that the extra calories that you have taken may not turn into fat and are not able to stick to your muscles for longer. Keep in mind to go for something extra when you do cheat meals or after coming back from the birthday party or Thanksgiving dinner.

Key 2

Identify your Triggers – You read it right identify what trigger your hunger, what kind of emotions induce excessive eating behavior in you. Is that when you are happy you start eating more or is that when you are worrying about the presentation in office tomorrow you start stress eating?. Identify when exams are near and you are anxious, is that the time when you start eating excessively. You can’t see anything packed in the kitchen cabinets and during exams your kitchen visits increase? Identify your emotional triggers that lead you towards excessive eating and distract yourself before it is too late. You can use distractor like watching T.V for 10 minutes for taking a break, eating healthy snacks like fruit at that time or lying down for 20 minutes. Be proactive. You know when your office assignments are due. When your final exams are approaching. Instead of filling your kitchen cabinets with biscuits, chips bags, and refrigerators with frozen processed food , Try shopping for healthy snacks like fruits, dried fruits,  roasted peanuts etc. which would not only provide you with energy for your study but would also keep your weight maintained. You don’t want to look flabby after the exams.

Key 3 Stop relying Solely on Will Power

For a healthy weight loss stop relying solely on your will power and sense of control. We are humans; we cannot be in control all the times. We have our weak moments in a day. May be when we see a pastry resting in the refrigerator, a chocolate mousse lying on the shelf which your roommate brought but didn’t finish we may get tempted. . Here the key is to “Change your Environment” .Start by removing all the fatty things from your cabinets. No pringles, Cheetos bags, pretzels should be in your kitchen so that you may not get attracted towards the unhealthy food. That temptation cannot be ignored all the time so you need to remove cheese from your fridge, no fizzy drinks, beer cans should be lying in your fridge. To avoid excessive temptation or times when you regret your cheat meals use PhenQ for maintaining the healthy weight loss.

Key 4 Find Support System: Support systems play a major role in living a happy, satisfied life. Good news is it can also help you in healthy weight loss. For healthy weight loss along with the use of PhenQ asks your friends, family members, roommates to keep a check on you. They should make sure that when you are outside you are not in taking high calories food instead of eating healthy. The support system would help you to stick to your goal of healthy weight loss no matter what. They will celebrate for healthy weight loss little milestones with you and would enable you in improving and modifying your life style for better.

Hope you would find these weight loss keys beneficial and would try to stick to your goals this year aiming for a healthy weight loss and happy life style.