How to lose post pregnancy weight with 5 effortless Tips

If you have been an exercise buff before you got pregnant, then it is a hard bullet to bite. No matter how much exercise you do during your pregnancy and how much you look after what you eat, you will gain weight. Once you have your baby, we are sure that you would want to get rid of that extra weight. Keep one thing in mind that if you are breast-feeding your baby, you can not go on a diet pills.

You need energy to breastfeed and keep up with your newborn’s schedule. Furthermore, when it comes to exercise, make sure you get a green signal from your doctor before you embark on your post-pregnancy fitness journey. Remember, don’t be too hard on yourself. It took 9 months to gain this weight and it will take at least 9 months to shed it, also. Here, we are going to share a few tips to help you shed your post-pregnancy weight, the healthy way!

Breast-feed Your Baby

The benefits of breast-feeding can not be undermined. From providing your newborn its first dose of immunity to providing it with the best of nutrition, breast milk has everything! What if we tell you that you can actually lose weight, if you breastfeed your baby? Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? When you are exclusively breastfeeding your baby, you need an extra of 500 calories and no more, as you burn around 600-800 calories a day just by breastfeeding, even if all you do the whole day is to sit around and feed the baby!

Some very lucky women are actually able to drop all the baby weight, just by breastfeeding. However, once you taper off breastfeeding, keep in mind that your calorie needs will also go down. If you continue with the same 500-plus calorie diet, chances are that you will gain weight instead of losing it.

Move Around!

It is not easy to find time to exercise with your newborn and we understand that. Sleep deprivation is another thing that can tire you to bits. Thinking of exercise is the last thing on your mind and rightly so! According to experts, most women’s bodies are not ready for exercise until after 6-weeks post-partum. Once you get a green signal from your doctor, after the 6-weeks visit, you can start exercising. Take it easy and start off with a walk around the block.

Slowly and steadily, increase the time and speed. Always listen to your body. If at any point, you feel any discomfort then it means that your body is not yet ready. Give it some time to heal and then start again. Do not get frustrated. Once you think you are ready, move to your regular cardio workouts 3-5 times a day. Increase your metabolic rate and burn fat the fast way by using Phen375 if you are not breastfeeding.

Strength Training is Important

Strength training is an important part of your exercise routine. Just like any other exercise, give yourself a few weeks to recover and once you get a green signal from your doctor, you are good to go. Strength training is the best way to sculpt your muscles and increase your metabolic rate. Start with lighter weights and once you gain strength, you can move on to heavier weights. Always listen to your body and do not push it to the extreme. If lifting weight is not your thing, try incorporating yoga or Pilates. These are both gentle exercises that not only relax your body, but also sculpt your muscles.

Watch What You Eat!

When you are breastfeeding, you need an extra 500 calories to fulfill your nutritional needs. This does not mean that you can gorge on cookies, crisps and chocolates. Be nutrition wary and opt for calorie-dense foods such as lean proteins, nuts, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Instead of eating 2-3 meals a day, spread out your meals throughout the day in to 5-6 meals.

Eating small, frequent meals ensure that your blood sugar levels do not dip down and remain steady. Instead of packaged juices, opt for freshly squeezed juices. They are rich in Vitamin C and fiber. Whatever you eat, make sure you stay within your caloric-limits. Phen375 is a weight loss supplement that can help you lose weight safely. Only opt this if you are not breast feeding.

Napping is Important!

As difficult as it may sound with a newborn, you need to get your sleep. Granted that it is not easy to get straight 8 hours of sleep, but you can take small naps throughout the day. Try to squeeze in as much sleep as you can and whenever you can. If you have help at hand, then this is awesome! Getting plenty of sleep has been associated with weight loss as you are less inclined to binge on junk food! Make sleep your priority for the first few months at least, when the baby is settling down!

Losing weight post-pregnancy is Hard, But You Can Manage It with These Simple Tips!

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