The Famous ‘No equipment’ Workout for the Ideal Figure

Staying healthy is a lifestyle; one that everyone should be following. Whether they are young teenagers or adults going through their mid life crisis, maintaining health is extremely important. It should be done through natural remedies such as working out regularly and following a healthy balanced diet or simply opting for weight loss pills.

Many individuals become too dependent on gym so whenever they don’t have access to it, they use it as an excuse to not exercise. Summer is coming and all of us want the perfect beach body, so let’s tone up with the following exercises that require no equipment whatsoever! Stay healthy, stay fit and look sexy.

  • Bridge Marches

Lie on the floor with your face looking up, knees bent, feet aligned on the floor and hands placed on your sides. Keep your hips up, so that your body is able to make a straight line between your shoulders and knees engaging the gluteus muscles throughout.

Make sure your hips stay up as you bring one knee to the chest, then back to the floor, and repeat with the other knee. Back and forth. Keep on switching between legs till until 15 sets are done. To gather support for balancing keep the hands flat on the mat/floor.

  • Mountain Climbers

Create a full plank state keeping your arms straight, hands should be below your shoulders and keep your feet together. Start from your right foot and take it as close to your chest as you can. Go back to the position where you started off from and repeat the act with your left leg.

Keep your lower back posture the same as you move your knee because this way you’ll be able to keep your hips balanced and right where they’re supposed to be. Continue doing so, until you’ve completed 15 sets. It’ll take about 30 seconds.

  • Bicycle crunches

Lie on the floor with your face a little up and your hips and knees folded at a 90 degrees angle in such a way that your legs are aligned in the air with the floor. Put your hands behind your neck to provide neck support. Make sure you lift your shoulders and keep them there during this exercise. Slowly twist and lift your chest towards your right knee extending it to your left, going off the mat. Then go to the middle and do the same for the other side. Repeat till 15 sets are done.

  • Push ups

Take on the standardized push up position putting your hands wider and aligned with your shoulders. As you move your body towards the floor, you take out your right foot and swing it towards the side trying to touch your elbow with your knees. Revers what you’ve done and repeat the movement with the other side. Keep doing it till you’ve complete 15 reps.

  • Squats with one leg

Stand straight on your right leg with the left one in the air, lifted a little up. Place your arms on the sides. Push your hips behind bending down your left knee to lower your body into a squat (keeping your right foot off the floor), putting your arms in front of you to maintain balance. Press through your left foot so that you keep standing and don’t fall forward. That would make one rep. So do 15 for one leg and 15 for the other. Keep in mind that your knee should align with your toes and chest is lifted the whole time you’re doing this.

  • Leg raises

Get down right on your hands and knees keeping your palms straight and flat on the ground and perfectly aligned with shoulders so the distance is maintained. Keeping your back straight, leaving no room for bending or movement, bend your right knee and move your leg upwards till the point where your right thigh is aligned to the floor but in the air. Slowly bring yourself back into the position where you started. Counting that as one rep, get on with 15 reps for the right side then 15 for the left.

  • Skaters

Stand straight on your right leg with your left foot in the air; off the floor. As you shift your hips back, bend your right knee. Make sure that during all this you’ve kept your toes facing forward. Keep your chest straight and up as you go ahead with your right foot into the floor, then jump out and over towards the left side as further away as you can. Come down softly on the other leg with your knees bent and toes facing in front. Repeat this movement, now towards the right side. Carry on with it till you’ve complete 5 reps of each leg.

Its better to work out and opt for diet pills.

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